Visa application

Formalities in your home country

Nationals of the following countries require a student visa:

> Turkey and Eastern European countries non UE members

> All countries

> All countries, except Brunei, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore

> All countries, except New Zealand

> All countries



Procedure to follow

Go to
* the nearest Swiss embassy or consulate

* a general outline of your study project with the length of your studies

Take with you
* a valid passport
* an acceptance letter (Attestation d'admission à l'immatriculation ) from the University of Lausanne
* an official guarantee of your ability to finance your studies in Switzerland


These formalities take at least 3 months to complete.


Follow us:              

The matriculation form (Attestation d'admission à l'immatriculation)  from the university of Lausanne does not entitle you to a B permit (Permis de séjour B étudiant). Only for the students from the besites list.

It is impossible to change a toursit visa into a student permit once you have arrived in Switzerland.

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