Residence permit

Formalities on arriving in Switzerland

For all international students (including those requiring a visa) and for all exchange students.

Your local Foreign Residents' Office of your arrival
Within 8 days of your arrival (from the day on whih you sign a lease for a plat/room)

A resident' permit
A residence permit with biometric data for students who are not nationals of an EU country

Bring along
- Your passport (with visa, if required)
- an attestation that you are fully enrolled at the University of Lausanne
- Passport-sized photo
- a form called "rapport d'arrivée" 1

And for students who have not submitted a visa application

- a student questionnaire 1
- Bank letter showing you have sufficient funds to cover the cost of your university education in Switzerland
- Proof of a Swiss or foreign scholarship or grant (the amount must be indicated)
- a financial guarantee signed by your parents 1
- a financial guarantee signed by a third party 1

1 Forms available from your local Foreign Residents' Office


If you are not a national of an EU country, after registering with the Residents’ Office of the commune in which you are resident  and submitting your details, you will receive an email inviting you to call in at the Centre for the Registration of Biometric Data in Lausanne.

Cost of residence permit

Student from a country of the European Union: between CHF 65 and 120, depending on the municipality of residence.

Student from a country outside the European Union: between CHF 150 and 280, depending on the municipality of residence.

The residence permit is less expensive for exchange students who are recipients of a Swiss grant.


The certificate of admission required for registration with the University of Lausanne does not in itself give entitlement to a B or L  residence permit for students. Tourist visas are not automatically converted into residence permits for study after the student’s arrival in Switzerland.

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