Special event on entrepreneurship

Special event on entrepreneurship for PhD and Postdoc researchers

Special event on entrepreneurship for PhD and Postdoc researchers

A special event dedicated to the topic of entrepreneurship, co-organised by the Graduate Campus, HUB Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and the Alumnil Office will take place online on Monday 29th November, from 9:30 to 11:00.


Would you like to better understand the challenges and the opportunities of entrepreneurship after the doctorate or postdoc? Are you hesitating when it comes to developing a product or a service, and creating your own business? You're not sure where or how to begin, or you're not sure if it's for you?

Take part in this special online event for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers! Two PhDs from FGSE and an MER from the FBM - all three today entrepreneurs - will share their experience. Each one is at a different stage: preparation for departure, taking off, and in full flight. They'll talk about what entrepreneurship has meant for them as well as the many ways in which to create, to develop and to manage one's own business.

This is your opportunity to ask your questions and exchange with speakers from different professional backgrounds!



David Theler (FGSE 2010)

David Theler set up his own company in 2012, two years after obtaining his PhD. Géau environnements specialises in water-related issues in terms of quality, resource management, environmental impacts and hazard analysis


Jardena Puder (FBM)

Assistant physician at the CHUV and MER and Professor at UNIL, Professor Jardena Puder started her training at the University of Basel, where she became assistant professor, privatdocent of the Faculty of Medicine in 2007. Together with her partners, she is currently setting up her project, DIA4U, which specialises in training trainers to improve diabetes knowledge and care in developing countries.


Alex Bandini Maeder (FGSE 2010)

After completing his thesis in 2010, Alex Bandini-Maeder continued with postdoctoral research at the University of Western Australia in parallel with various positions in industry. In 2018, he and Roxane Bandini-Maeder, also an FGSE graduate, co-founded their own company, Geoneon. Today, Geoneon provides solutions that anticipate and mitigate the risks associated with natural disasters.





After a brief presentation by our guest speakers, the audience will be split into three sub-groups in order to facilitate exchange between the audience and the speakers. The audience will have the opportunity to ask questions to each of the speakers as the latter rotate through each room.


The event will be held in French (with the possibility to ask your questions in English).
Please note that the number of participants is limited.




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