Mission, vision and values

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Our mission

As a university-based business school, we have two main and complementary duties to the community: Research and Teaching. 

Our research drives theory and influences practice. We use it to train students to be capable, responsible economic leaders and entrepreneurs and to provide sound advice to organizations and policy makers.

As a Swiss public and cantonal institution, we provide local students and professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to play a leading role in today’s globalized economy. We also train a considerable number of talented students and professionals from abroad, predominantly from Europe, thereby sustaining Switzerland’s and our canton’s long-standing tradition as a knowledge center of international influence and reputation.

Our vision

We aim to be recognized, locally and internationally, as a leading public provider of business education, integrating: research-based teaching, high-impact research, career-conducive curricula.

Our values

We adhere to the five values proclaimed in our University Charter: Critical Knowledge, Autonomy, Universality, Civic Engagement and Personal Recognition.


Three additional values imbue our activities at the School level: rigor, integrity, and collaboration.


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