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School of French as a Foreign Language | Le FIL - Intensive French Courses

School of French as a Foreign Language

The School of French as a Foreign Language (Ecole de français langue étrangère) is affiliated to the Faculty of Arts. It is dedicated to the teaching of French as a foreign and secondary language. It offers a number of solutions for people who wish to improve their knowledge of the French language:

  • Satellite courses at various levels, which emphasise various aspects of the French language (written, oral, literary, technical, etc.). At least 2 hours/week during semesters.
  • Bridging course in French in order to begin studies in one of UNIL's Faculties (one or two years, 60 ECTS/year, enrolment at the EFLE is required).

It also offers comprehensive degree courses allowing the student either:

  • to integrate a discipline of French as a Foreign Language in a Bachelor of Arts degree in order to develop a broad and systematic expertise in French, with in-depth reflection on the language and how it is taught, or;
  • to specialise solely in French as a Foreign Language while preparing for the Diploma in French as a Foreign Language.

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Le FIL - Intensive French Courses

Organised every year from July to September, and in February, these courses in French language are intended for non French-speaking people of different levels: complete beginner (in summer only), beginner (A1-A2), intermediate (A2-B1 and B2) and advanced (B2-C1). No preconditions need to be met.

The FIL offers intensive day-long language courses including mutual teaching in context which allow to obtain ECTS credits; semi-intensive half-day-long courses; a course of Introduction to academic texts (from level B1-B2); and examinations leading to the Certificate of Qualification in French (CQF). Students who wish to enrol at UNIL and have obtained the CQF level B1-B2 are exempted from the required French exam.

These courses  are particularly recommended for non French-speaking students intending to study at the UNIL.

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