The UNIL PhD Career Survey

From January 2018 to September 2019, the University of Lausanne’s Graduate Campus conducted a survey of the 2448 people who received a doctoral degree between 2007 and 2017.

The goal of this study was to find as many of our alumni as possible in order to find out what they’re doing now, how they got to be where they are now, and the role the doctorate has played so far in their career.

The first phase of the survey, using online social networks and search engines, allowed us to find the contact details of 1265 of our target population. Of those, we were able to interview 459 people.

We thank all those who took part in the survey!

The results of the survey will be used to provide relevant and useful information for current doctoral candidates and postdocs who are thinking about their next professional steps. The information gather will also be very helpful to UNIL faculties as they continually develop their frameworks for doctoral education, as well as for UNIL services such as the Service d’orientation et carrière and the ALUMNIL network.

For the interviewees who accepted, we are also developing a database of UNIL’s doctoral alumni who’d like to be more in direct contact with current doctoral candidates and postdocs – for example at Career events or in ongoing research on career trajectories.

Overall, we can observe a wide variety of career paths, with differences between the faculties of origin. The large majority of those we interviewed felt that the doctorate had been a positive experience, a personal challenge accomplished, and in the long term, a distinction that has had a real effect on their career. If they could turn back time, they say they’d do it all again!

The interactive table below provides a résumé from different perspectives of the information collected during the first phase of the survey. Other qualitative and quantitative results will be published in a more extensive report.

For further information, please contact the Graduate Campus.


Overview of the survey's results

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