Application & Admission

Student application from partner universities

As a regular student in one of your partner universities, you can pretend one or two semesters at HEC Lausanne. Please contact the Student Exchange Office of your home university regarding the administrative procedures.


Exchange term during the autumn semester (1st semester)

  • Nomination by coordinators
    • Faculty Agreements + Unil General Agreements                  March 31
    • SEMP (ex-Erasmus) Agreements                                         May 31
  • On-line application/forms for exchange students                             June 30

Exchange term during the spring semester (2nd semester)

  • Nomination by coordinators (for all agreements)                            October 15
    Online application/forms from exchange students                          November 30

Language requirements

Students are not required to pass any language proficiency test. A minimum level of B2 according to the "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages" is expected in French and/or English depending on the language of instruction of the courses attended by the student.

Formalities after the admission

Exchange students should be nominated by the coordinator of international programs at their home university who will use our nomination form sent by

Afterwards, students will receive our online application and the relevant information for their exchange at HEC Lausanne by email. Once the registration received, the SASME (Social Affairs and Student Mobility Service) from the University of Lausanne will get in contact with the students concerning the various administrative formalities to be completed (visa, residence permit, insurances, information for accomodation, etc).


Students from other faculties and EPFL

For students who would like to attend one or two courses at HEC Lausanne:

To know more

Most courses have to be taken at the faculty/school where the student is enrolled.

We draw your attention to the fact that there is a risk of overlapping with the exam dates of HEC Lausanne. The exam dates of the Faculty cannot be modified under any circumstances.
The solution is to register afterwords for the retake session.


Free Mover application (Guest student)

If your home university does not have an agreement with HEC Lausanne, you can study at our Faculty as a free mover student for one semester or one academic year, on the condition to be registered in a Faculty of Business and Economics at the university level. Our faculty welcomes a great number of students coming from partner universities and only a small percentage of guest students. A strongly eliminatory selection takes place after each registration deadline.

Administrative Fees (in case of non-acceptance, the registration fees of CHF 200.-  is not reimbursable)

Tuition and semester Fees 

The HEC Lausanne faculty does not accept a guest student coming from a partner university.

To know more

HEC Lausanne demands the following documents:

  • Online registration
  • a letter of motivation
  • your Curriculum Vitae
  • your university transcript of records
  • a certificate from your university confirming academic recognition of one semester or one year as a guest student

Your application must be received by the Admissions Department (contact) within the deadlines.

The student has to obtain a study visa by himself.

An exchange/free mover student does not obtain a degree or diploma from HEC Lausanne.

A free mover student registered at HEC is not allowed to take some courses at other faculties of the University or at the EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne).


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