Cours et formations

Unil offers courses and workshops for researchers.

Free and accessible, these courses are designed to support researchers throughout their research projects. From planning to publication, and including the search for funding, the Research and Central Services departments are on hand to support UNIL researchers.


As a service dedicated to the advancement of research, we understand the unique challenges researchers face when it comes to funding their projects. That's why we've developed a range of research funding courses designed to expertly guide them through the maze of resources and tools available to them. By taking part in these courses, researchers will discover how to access the funding and grants that will propel their ideas to new horizons.

Available courses :

  • How to prepare a project for SNSF funding
  • Preparing an SNSF budget
  • How can I finance my doctoral research or postdoc?
  • Research Connect training


Research projects funded by public or private organizations often require very precise organizational processes. Knowing when and how to draw up a Data Management Plan, knowing the various consultative bodies and when to consult them, knowing the steps to follow when recruiting collaborators... these are all complexities that need to be taken into account as soon as possible to avoid unpleasant surprises. 

Available courses :

  • Exporting records from Serval to ORCID and the FNS CV
  • Research procurement
  • Copyright in scientific publishing and its strategic management
  • Research ethics
  • Going before an ethics commission
  • Anonymizing or de-identifying research data: how to protect participants?
  • Documenting data: why and how?
  • Organizing and naming research data


Sharing research is a critical step. Copyright, submission for publication, open science... these are all critical questions and choices for researchers. To guide them, we have created a series of courses and training sessions on these subjects.

Available courses :

  • Hands on Open Access
  • Open, ethical and responsible publishing: towards reliable research

Spring 2024 semester schedule

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