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Partial university fees waiver

SASME examines applications for a partial waiver of course enrolment fees (students who are granted a waiver pay CHF 180 per semester instead of CHF 580) and refers them to UNIL’s Social Assistance Committee (Conseil des aides sociales) for a decision, provided the student fulfils the relevant conditions.


Family reduction (VD)

Single students who are dependent on their parents and who live in the Canton of Vaud may qualify for the family reduction, which consists of a reduction in university fees of CHF 150. Registration fees are reduced for 2 or more children (including the student). 

The family reduction is only granted to regular students (i.e. not to students on leave or those already benefiting from other reductions) in the first and second cycles (Bachelor's and Master's).

Applications for a family reduction must be made by completing the family reduction application form and returning it to the Admissions Office together with the supporting documents by the deadline (30 September for the autumn semester and 28 February for the spring semester).

The reduction cannot be granted retroactively, for past semesters, even if the conditions were met.


Semester leave

Students registered at the University of Lausanne may apply for a restricted or complete semester leave during their studies. A semester leave is a period of one or two semesters during which a student follows no teachings at the University of Lausanne but remains registered.

A semester leave may be granted in the following cases:

  1. attending courses at another Swiss or foreign university, outside of a mobility programme;
  2. completion of a practical placement;
  3. preparation for an examination;
  4. special commitment to the university community;
  5. military or civilian service;
  6. pregnancy, maternity or a duly certified medical reason.

Students on semester leave will be exempt from part of the course registration fee and the semester fee: they will only have to pay CHF 210 for restricted leave and CHF 130 for full leave.

For more information on applying for a semester leave, see the Admissions Office website.


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