Non-gendered certificates

From January 2023, UNIL certificates will no longer contain any information relating to the gender of the person who has graduated, i.e. they will no longer state “Ms” or “Mr” before the name of the person and the expression “born on...” (which would indicate the person’s gender in French) will be replaced by “date of birth...”.

Holders of UNIL certificates issued before 2023 and bearing the blue UNIL logo may ask to have their certificate reprinted in accordance with the new non-gendered style. This service is not offered for certificates bearing the old UNIL logo (black with green elements), for technical reasons.

The reprinted certificate will state “Reprinted on [date of reprinting]” but will not indicate the reason for reprinting.

The reprinting service is free of charge; requests may be sent by email to the Graduation Office ( Please allow between three days and six weeks to process your request, depending on the time of year and the number and availability of signatories.

The original certificate must be returned for the reprinted certificate to be issued. We recommend that you tell the Graduation Office in your reprinting request how you wish to return your old certificate and receive your new one (in person or by post).

Change of name

Important: a request for reprinting to obtain a non-gendered certificate should not be confused with requests for a change of first name or last name (for example, in the case of marriage or divorce), which are not accepted as grounds for reprinting a certificate.

Changes of first name confirmed by a register office following a change of gender are exempt, in accordance with Rectorate Directive 0.16. Requests relating to this situation should also be sent to the Graduation Office.

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