Master in Accounting, Control and Finance

Degree awarded

Master of Science (MSc) in Accounting, Control and Finance



Professor Daniel Oyon, Director of the Master in Accounting, Control and Finance (MScCCF)

For many years, HEC Lausanne has made a major contribution to the training of future business leaders and experts in accounting, control and finance through its MScCCF program. Since its inception in 2005, the MScCCF has trained more than 500 graduates in leading professional positions. In addition to excellent career opportunities, the quality of the program has also been recognized by the Eduniversal Master's in Accounting and Auditing, of which it has been the number one in Europe since 2012. The MScCCF also recognizes the role that cultural diversity plays in the learning process has been hosting a significant number of students from foreign institutions since its inception. HEC Lausanne hopes that its program in accounting, control and finance will continue to attract a large number of students from Swiss and foreign universities.

This program is aimed at those who wish to acquire the most advanced knowledge in accounting, control and finance as well as in the fields of auditing and taxation in order to assume important responsibilities in the business world. It also enables people who wish to participate in the knowledge development process to pursue doctoral studies.

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