Internship MScCCF

Important information

  • Number of credits worth: 3 ECTS credits
  • Duration: minimum 4 weeks
  • Time period: Usually during the summer following the first academic year


  • Full-time (80 % accepted but not less)
  • Under the supervision of a company tutor and a HEC Lausanne professor for the dissertation
  • The content of the internship must first be accepted by the professor and the Master Committee
  • The contract has to be signed by the company, the student and the professor
  • Validation of the Internship with a written report. Conditions and rules are defined in the regulations of each programme
  • The internship is part of the study program of the third semester and the student must register for the examination "Stage MScCCF" DURING the examination registration period, in the same way as for other examinations in previous semesters.

Internship sequence


  1. Students must find a company internship by themselves. Please view the link to the Career Center and our page "Internship Offers" (
  2. The company confirms the internship.
  3. The student finds a professor from HEC Lausanne who agrees to supervise his/her internship thesis.
  4. Validation of internship together with the content of the internship.
  5. The form "Convention de stage" (Internship agreement) has to be completed and signed by the company.
  6. The completed form should be sent to Isabelle Perrotti.
Return at the beginning of the internship
Convention de stage MScCCF  (227 Ko)

Theses written by students

List of theses' titles
2022-MScCCF-Internship Theses  (79 Ko)
2020-MScCCF-Internship Theses  (94 Ko)
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