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Important information!

Please register at the beginning of each semester (for the Master's thesis as well) and carefully read the hereunder instructions.

Next session and registration


Registration takes place during the 3rd and 4th weeks of the semester. Late registration is permitted during the 5th and 6th weeks with a cash payment of CHF 200.

Online registration for exams (this page is only open during the registration period)

Re-take Session / Failed Exam

A failed exam during the winter or summer session can be re-taken a second and last time during the next catch-up session only (autumn session) on the dates set by the School. The registration deadline is always by midnight on the last day of the 30th week of the calendar year. Please consult the website or the billboards for more information. No application for a special or off-site examination will be considered. The registration process is the same as for other sessions.

Complete guidelines

It is important to carefully read the guidelines which regulate the exams sessions.


The Bachelor examination modalities apply to students who must complete a preparatory year or semester, even integrated refresher courses, regarding the use of a dictionary: it is not allowed in case of exams in French, except in the case of exams which allow documentation.

Paper bilingual dictionaries are permitted for Master’s level examinations. No stickers containing any information will be tolerated. Dictionaries will be checked by the invigilators, mainly in the case of examinations where documentation is limited or not permitted.


As it is considered as an exam, you must register in the same way you do as for any exam (the same penalties apply for non registration)

Registration to attend lectures

Registration to attend lectures ("auditeur" status) does not permit access to exams or other assessment mechanisms without prior authorisation by professors. No results are provided to those with this status.

Exams assignments check

Please make prior appointment with Michèle Claude:

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