Master in Law and Economics

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Master of Law (MLaw) in Law and Economics.


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Professor Valérie Junod et Professor Jean-Luc Chenaux, co-Directors of the Master in Law and Economics

The business world has an increasing need for diversified and specialized knowledge. There is thus a clear need for professionals with a mastery of both regulatory and economic aspects. The Master in Law and Economics (MDE) degree offers students with a Bachelor's degree in Law or Economics /Management an opportunity to acquire interdisciplinary knowledge relevant to the needs of the business world.

Law graduates and certified lawyers are constantly confronted with issues related to accounting, finance, management, market regulation and organizational behavior. Managers and economists must deal with the many rules governing commercial activity, in many areas of law: taxes, corporate and labor issues, competition or financial markets.

The Master in Law and Economics is awarded jointly by the Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC Lausanne) and the Faculty of Law, Criminal Justice and Public Administration of the University Lausanne. It is a Master of Laws (MLaw) degree.

The objective of this Master's degree is to combine these two types of expertise.

  • The MDE offers full legal training to holders of a Bachelor of Law degree, while also developing their skills, with a practical orientation, in key areas taught at the Faculty of Business and Economics, particularly accounting, finance, microeconomics and corporate strategy. They are introduced to the main tools used in the economic analysis of law. Students thus acquire an awareness of the critical issues related to the influence of the economy on law, the regulation of economic activities and behaviors, or the economic analysis of law.
  • The MDE allows candidates with a Bachelor in Business and Economics to complete their training in economics, while providing them with a solid grounding in law, especially contract law, corporate law and tax law. This training provides them with solid knowledge to start and run a business. It also constitutes a useful basis for work in the "compliance" departments of major corporations.

Holders of the MDE receive an equivalency for a part of the higher Swiss federal examinations for tax experts.

At the end of their training, MDE graduates should be able to operate in the competitive and constantly changing environment of corporations, both Swiss and international.

The MDE is focused primarily on commercial and financial law, business management and taxation. Beyond these core areas, it offers students great flexibility in the choice of courses based on their own interests. Students can thus choose from forty elective courses distributed between the two Faculties. Under certain conditions, they can also choose courses that are not included in the study plan.

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